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Messages from the crystal and mineral consciousness to support energetic alignment and balance.

Crystal Wisdom – Selenite

The Mineral Elder who speaks at this time is Selenite, a crystalline variety of the mineral gypsum, also known as Satin Spar.  The word ‘Selenite’ is said to be derived from the ancient Greek word for the Moon and the silky translucent brightness of this mineral is certainly reminiscent of the lunar energies.  The soft, soothing energies of this mineral, along with its appearance, express an ethereal and feminine quality that gently awakens our intuitive aspects and can connect deeply to the Soul level.  At this time, Selenite brings through a message encouraging inner peace:

“Cultivating inner peace is a gift not only to yourself but to the world, for what exists within you is what you express to the outer world.  Within each person is a still core essence, an inner sanctuary of peace, harmony and Oneness.  You are a reflection of the Universal Oneness and your essence is of this creation – this is who you are beneath the layers of flesh, mind, emotions, personality, ego and social identity.  Within you is a deeper truth of your original essence and divine nature, as it expresses through your Soul.

It is when you enter stillness that you are able to hear the subtle whisperings of the Soul and encounter your inner truth.  It is in stillness that you are able to feel the Universal Love and Peace that is the fabric of your being and your very essence; and so you come to know Oneness with all that is, with all Life.  Inner Peace is the gateway to Universal Oneness and the consciousness of Love – as it arises within you, so it expresses through you.  This is the greatest gift you have to offer the world.” ~ Selenite Elder

Attuning to the energy of Selenite can support aligning to the energy of your Soul and Divine guidance, bringing through higher vibrations of love to anchor into the earth dimension. This mineral supports meditation and spiritual work through alignment to the highest subtle frequencies of Universal energy, thus an important mineral for supporting a shift in consciousness.

Selenite imparts a deep sense of peace and tranquility, soothing the emotions and mind to bring in clarity and deep healing through conscious awareness and understanding.  This mineral resonates with the Crown, Soul Star and Higher chakras, supporting alignment to the Soul Vision and expressing this essence in everyday reality.  It has the ability to transform the mundane into the sacred through raising awareness and the conscious understanding of Oneness.

AFFIRMATION:  “Peace, Love and Oneness arise within me and express through me as the gift I offer to the world.”

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