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 Hello and Welcome!

I am a Crystal Skull/Crystal Whisperer and Guardian, energetically aligned to the Crystal Consciousness through the work that I do with Minerals, Crystals and Crystal Skulls. I believe that the Universe is a living consciousness and, as an intuitive empath and channel, I am able to access other realities and dimensions to communicate with many different beings and forms of consciousness.

My work is shamanically orientated because of my deep connection to Mother Earth and all her kingdoms, as well as my ability to access non-ordinary states of consciousness. I have taken my unique skills and abilities, combined them with what I have studied formally and honed this through practical life experience to become who I am today. It is this bringing together in wholeness that has created synergy and led to my unique expression of my Soul Work in partnership with the Crystal Consciousness.

You will see this integrated and synergistic approach expressed throughout this blog and on my website, as well as within the services offered in partnership with the Crystal Elders. Our focus is on methods of integrated healing, transformational messages and Soul Work that aims at achieving wholeness in our work together and thereby assisting others to achieve wholeness in their own lives. My approach is unique and personalized as I see each person as an individual with a unique journey to fulfill and, thus, with unique needs, challenges, potentials and energy. 

The information and services offered here and on my website are a means to re-connect with your Soul, align with it and open to the Divine Within, as well as expanding your awareness of the many guides, teachers and facilitators that are here to support each Soul’s Journey and personal growth towards healing and wholeness. I believe that when harmony, wholeness and balance can occur within each individual, then it can begin to occur for our entire Earth. This is the principle that guides my work and it is what I facilitate for those who are drawn to me.

I am supported in my work at all times by my Soul Guides, the Crystal Skulls, Crystals and Minerals, and the Crystal Consciousness. We form a team and all our work is done in partnership, embodying the principle of co-operation in heart-centered unity that is central to the New Earth Consciousness. Our vision is to awaken this within all who are drawn to our work and to help you realize your true essential nature – that of Divine Co-Creators, Beings of Light and Love.

With Love and Blessings

Juanita and the Crystal Elders