Integrity and Unity

This timely message was brought through a dear friend and fellow crystal skull caretaker, Sharon Pitt, and her delightful crystal skull named Fluffy.  They have kindly granted me permission to share this message.  For those who would like to learn more about Sharon and her work with crystal skulls, please take a look at her website, Crystal Skulls & Mother Earth.


A message from Fluffy
Dear Friends,
Some of you may already be familiar with Fluffy, he’s the handsome chap above! For those of you who aren’t, well, he is the skull I work most closely with. I consider him my friend! Today he shared some pretty powerful stuff that he asked me to share with you all. Now Fluffy is usually very cryptic, he shares with me frequently but seldom says much outside our circle, so I have come to recognise that when he comes out and says something outright, I need to listen. Now some of you may find this pretty heavy going, some of you may resonate, others may laugh at it, all I ask is that you accept it in the way it was intended to be given – in LOVE.
In Loving Unity
Sharon & Fluffy
‘I come forward today and ask that you read this with an open heart and mind. These are strong words I find myself sharing and I feel many of you may misunderstand my intention but nonetheless these words need to spoken and spoken NOW.
There are many half truths and lies being told. There are many misunderstandings and misinterpretations being thrown around. There are many deceptions taking place right in front of you but you either choose to ignore it or refuse to believe it is happening. There is much going on in other Realms, Dimensions and Timelines that you aren’t aware of. A shift of power, from the One to the All. Do you understand that? I don’t mean to be disrespectful but do you truly understand the meaning of that statement? Even those of you that think you do might want to take a closer look? The power lies within the All but the All is not Power.
This is the start of a New Age. Allegiances are shifting. Old loyalties are precisely that, old. It is time to re-evaluate, re-assess. Many of you follow because of that loyalty, you no longer question, you simply accept because that’s what you have always done. There is much confusion and some are feeling lost but the answers are right in front of you, why are you closing yourselves off to the truth just because the truth isn’t what you expected it to be? You still look to others for the answers when you should simply be looking within. You have ALL the guidance and knowledge you will ever need, just learn to trust YOU.
Your world is at risk if you do not wake up to this. I speak now because I see this beautiful potential in all of you that could be gone in the blink of an eye just because you didn’t stand up for yourselves.
If you put aside your egos and stop your bickering and pointing fingers you will come to realise that most of you actually want the same thing. So why do you have this desire to constantly compete with one another? This is where humans and crystal skulls differ – if we see something needs doing we work together to achieve that goal? Why do humans complicate something so fundamentally simple?
It is time to stand in your OWN power. Do not be afraid to be who you are. There is no such thing as the perfection you strive for but what I will tell you is that the closest you will ever get to perfection comes from imperfection itself. It is only when you embrace imperfection that a semblance of perfection can be seen. You only need to look within yourself.
We find it amusing yet puzzling why Mankind has this need to put everything into little boxes and to try and make everyone the same. The Crystal Skull Consciousness accepts everything for what it is, why do we need to control and change it? In simple terms, we don’t. Accept everything is how it is meant to be, it was created that way for a reason. By accepting Individuality you will ultimately find greater Unity. That is how the Crystal Skull Consciousness works. Everything has a part to play in the greater scheme of things, everything has value, everything is equal.
There is much mischief and attempted disruption afoot. There are those you once trusted who are in actuality the ones who are misleading you. Ultimately this can only end badly unless you sever those ties. Maybe I have said too much but I feel we have a duty to inform you, whether you choose to listen or believe is up to you. It is because I find Mankind so interesting that I am even telling you these things.
Much has been spoken regarding integrity lately and this is something that is paramount right now, integrity is more than sticking to a moral code, it’s also being whole, undivided completeness. Dwell on this, this is all I have to say for now.
In Peace, Fluffy’



2 thoughts on “Integrity and Unity

  1. Jean

    Thank you for an inspiring message. Yes, I do think we tend to forget who we are at times and need to make a greater effort to accept and like ourselves just as we are, imperfect humans with warts and all!


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