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Transforming Fear into Love

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

At one time or another in our lives, we have all experienced fear. This can range from experiences of full blown terror or panic, to low grade feelings of unease and anxiety. Our fear triggers can be both conscious or unconscious, internally or externally generated. Regardless of the origin of fear, it is an emotional state that is not only unpleasant to experience but it also has a host of adverse effects on our physical health and well-being.

All emotions are energy and thus have a particular energetic vibration or frequency. Fear has a very dense, low frequency energy that is palpable and can instantly be sensed and felt – perhaps you have experienced being around others who are in a state of fear and observed how contagious fear can be. This is an emotion that we easily pick up on and react to as it triggers our deepest survival issues, activating the Root Chakra and mobilizing the physical body through the adrenal glands. Think ‘fight, flight or freeze’ and this neatly sums up the effect that fear has not only on the physical body, but also on the mind, emotions and subtle energy systems.

Now more than ever it is so important for us to heal and transcend fear in our lives as we are in times of great change and uncertainty – the world is changing and we need to become active participants in creating solutions that will transform our world and help us to shift into a new consciousness. Fear is what has held us immobilized for too long and rendered us powerless in our own lives and as a collective. It is time to transcend fear and shift into a space of Love where the higher energies of the Heart Chakra can transform our lives from survival into truly living and BEING. It is about getting into our hearts and out of our heads, shifting beyond fear into Love, choosing to energize loving solutions and transcending the negative frequencies of fear.

Crystals can be very supportive in helping us to heal, transmute and transcend fear as they hold within them the higher frequency energies of Universal Love and Light. Their inherent nature is one of pure Love and compassion and, as a living consciousness, crystals work with us to bring us into balance, harmony and alignment with the frequency of Unconditional Love. It is important to always remind yourself that fear is usually an illusion, a projection of an imagined future outcome based on a past experience. Your true power is in the present moment and if your fears are not based in a present moment reality then they are an illusion as they have not yet happened and may never happen.

“FEAR is an acronym in the English language for ‘False Evidence Appearing Real.'” ~ Neale Donald Walsch

The following method is one I work with the moment I feel the slightest prickling of fear arising and it very quickly shifts this energy and brings me into a peaceful state of balance:

 Working with crystals to transcend fear

This method can be done effectively with any crystal of the Quartz family although each will have slightly different metaphysical properties:

  •  Clear Quartz will clarify your energy and uplift your energetic frequency;
  • Smoky Quartz will ground your energy and transmute lower frequency energy;
  • Amethyst will harmonize your energy and heal areas of imbalance;
  • Citrine will uplift emotional and mental energy into a positive and joyful state;
  • Rose Quartz will transform lower frequency energy through bringing in the frequency of Unconditional Love.


Hold a single Quartz crystal of your choice in your left hand and ask the crystal to support you in transcending fear. Sit quietly focusing on your breath – allow yourself to gently slow down and deepen your breath, taking note of any areas of tension and tightness in your body. Release these with each out-breath, allowing your body to soften and relax. Observe any fearful thoughts that arise and remind yourself that these are illusions and let them go. Simply choose to shift your focus away from the fearful thoughts and emotions and into the present moment and back to your breath. You are here now and in the present moment all is well.

Continue to breathe deeply and focus on grounding your energy firmly through your feet – you can visualize or feel this in whichever way is appropriate to you. Allow your energy to anchor securely through your feet and into Mother Earth, into the present moment, into this time and space. Breathe for a while, feeling this energetic connection and the stability, security and balance that arises from being connected to Mother Earth. When you are ready, take your awareness to your Crown Chakra and allow this to gently open and expand, visualizing and feeling this in whichever way is appropriate to you. Feel the energy flowing in through your crown and uplifting your energetic frequency.

Breathe slowly and deeply knowing that you are now held safely balanced between Heaven and Earth, centered in Light and Love, your roots safely anchored in Mother Earth and your branches extending to the Heavens. Allow the energies of Heaven to flow down through your crown, and the energies of Earth to flow through your feet and Root Chakra – see and feel them meeting in your Heart Chakra where they expand and fill your being, radiating through your physical body and into your aura, and beyond you. Spend some time breathing and feeling the Love and Light that is flowing to you and through you.

Pay attention to how you are feeling, observe how your energy has shifted – this is your natural state of being, this is your Truth and Love is your reality. Know that this is always available to you and you can choose to be in this space at any time. When you are ready, take your awareness back to your breath, and back into your body, and down into your feet to ensure that you are grounded. Thank the crystal for it’s loving support and for helping you to shift out of fear and into Love.

You will notice that as you practice this method, your energy will shift into energetic resonance with Universal Love and Light and the lower frequencies of fear will easily be transmuted and transcended. This is how to create a space of Love and free yourself from the energy of fear. Know that your truth is Love, that you are a being of Love. Know that you have the power to choose always between Love and fear in every moment and in every situation.

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