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Crystal Wisdom – Red Jasper

The Mineral Elder who speaks at this time is Red Jasper, a form of Chalcedony.  The warm and earthy tones of this mineral express the nourishing metaphysical qualities of Red Jasper and its supportive, steadying and stabilizing influence on our well-being. Red Jasper brings through a powerful and supportive message about change:

“Change is a reality of life – a natural part of the dynamic, living, creative movement of the Universe itself.  Yet change is seldom comfortable or easy as it requires pushing beyond your perceived limitations, boundaries and comfort zones, beyond your current reality and known territory.  Change demands stepping into the unknown and stretching beyond your place of comfort, testing out new potentials, questioning old beliefs, and challenging your existing ways of doing and being.  It is about embracing fear and moving through it to emerge into a new reality by shifting, growing, transcending and transforming beyond what you may ever have believed was possible for you.  

Change always brings with it challenges but it is through them that you are able to discover your fullest potentials – challenges reveal what you are truly capable of,  illuminating the special gifts and talents that have been dormant within you just waiting to be expressed.  The deepest resources within you are brought forwards, opening you to inner strengths and inspirations that have been awaiting your discovery.  It is when you realize what has always been within you that you can awaken to the knowledge that you are ‘enough’ – you are complete, whole, perfect and  Divine – you have always been.  

Change is the catalyst that awakens this inner truth and challenges you to discover who you really are.  You are so much more than you think you are!   You are not defined by your history, your circumstances, your experiences, your knowledge, your resources or your perceived failures.  Instead, you are defined by what you choose to do with them and how you respond to Life itself.  All is within you already and Life offers you the gifts of change and challenge as the tools for self-discovery, opening you to receive all the many potentials and possibilities that the Universe has created for you.” ~ Red Jasper Elder

Attuning to the energy of Red Jasper will support you in grounding and anchoring your energy which is essential in times of great change.  This mineral strengthens and supports the Root Chakra providing stability and encouraging a sense of security even when circumstances are challenging.   Red Jasper is very supportive during times of stress as it calms the emotions, particularly those of fear and anxiety, while also gently increasing physical vitality and stamina.  It is a stone of balance, wholeness and harmony.

Red Jasper encourages positive solutions and stimulates the emergence of practical insights, as well as the necessary motivation to act on them.  It supports us in accessing our true strength, courage and determination and imparts a sense of confidence and trust.  This mineral encourages steadfastness and resolve while also providing comfort and reassurance.   Red Jasper is a stone of balance, wholeness and harmony.

AFFIRMATION:  “I accept the gift of change as a catalyst to awakening my fullest potential.”

©Juanita McKenzie 2012

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