Crystal Wisdom – Lepidolite

The Mineral Elder who speaks at this time is Lepidolite of the Mica family.  The lovely lilac and rose tones of this mineral convey a soothing, calming and gently uplifting energy that supports emotional balance and healing.  The message from Lepidolite focuses on empowerment through healing perspectives within relationships:

“Relationships provide the fertile soil in which the seeds of Soul wisdom can be sown and nurtured to emerge as the gifts of unconditional love, co-operation and mutual exchange.  Relationships create the context in which to learn the deepest Soul lessons, providing growth in the mutual context of partnerships, family, groups and communities.  Each and every relationship brings with it a gift and the opportunity to heal, grow and transform at some level of your being.  Beneath the ego dynamics within relationships, there is always a deep, enduring love at the level of the Soul arising from the unconditional Love and Oneness of the Universal Essence as it expresses through all – all are One, all is Love.

Look to the gifts within each of your relationships and bless them with love and gratitude.  Look deeply into the eyes of each person you meet to see the Divine within them just as it is also within you.  See each person as a reflection of you and each relationship as an expression of your Soul’s growth.  As you look into the mirrors of your relationships, what do you see reflected back to you?  Accept this gift with gratitude and know the depths of the unconditional love expressed through this in support of your Soul’s growth, expansion and shift into Oneness.” ~ Lepidolite Elder

Attuning to the energy of Lepidolite can support you in seeing the highest good in your relationships and becoming aware of the gifts they bring into your life.  This mineral supports developing self-awareness within the context of relationships and helps you to see yourself clearly and honestly, as well as becoming aware of relationships as mirrors of your own truths.

Lepidolite encourages forming a healthy relationship with yourself in order to create healthy relationships with others, transforming codependency or isolation into empowered relationships centered in mutual sharing, respect, trust, love and co-operation.  This mineral resonates with both the heart and throat chakras supporting healing of emotional wounds and encouraging loving communication.

AFFIRMATION:  “I stand centered in Love and look into the mirrors of my relationships to receive their gifts and blessings.”

©Juanita McKenzie 2012

All articles are written by Juanita McKenzie and may not be used without the prior permission of the author.  To receive permission to reprint these articles please contact me.


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