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Crystal Wisdom – Selenite Rose

The Mineral Elder who speaks at this time is Selenite Rose, a variety of the mineral,  gypsum.  The intricate rosette form of this mineral is made up of many interconnecting fibres that weave together to create the familiar rose-like shape.  This gentle and nourishing mineral imparts a wonderful sense of connection to both Heaven and Earth, as well as all Life and our relationship to it. Selenite Rose brings through a message to inspire the co-creation of our shared future:

“A New Earth is being birthed and a new consciousness is emerging, centered in Love, Oneness and Unity.  Each and every person is part of this shift in consciousness and essential to creating the future of the Earth.  Each person has a unique role to fulfill and will thus travel a unique journey in order to do so.  This may be perceived as differences, yet it does not need to result in conflict or separation.  It is judgment that focuses on differences and it is fear that causes rejection of others because of perceived differences.  Love, however, creates an awareness of what is shared among all beings while also recognizing diversity.  

Oneness and Unity do not mean ‘sameness’ and uniformity – all Life is diverse, varied and unique.  This is what creates the perfection and beauty of our Earth – all beings, all Life, are an expression of the Creator.  All are essential to the wholeness and harmony of Creation – all are always One and connected through the Web of Life.  Oneness arises from the recognition of community, co-operation, sharing and co-creation together in diversity as unique beings who are part of a greater wholeness.  We share One Earth and we are One Earth Tribe.  The choices today determine our shared future – it is created together, by all and for all – in Divine Co-Creation.” ~ Selenite Rose Elder

Attuning to the energy of Selenite Rose will support a deepening awareness and sense of connection to all Life while gently connecting to your heart and encouraging an expansion into Love.  This mineral supports forming heart-centered relationships based on mutual sharing, co-operation and respect, as well as harmonizing existing relationships and easing conflicts.  It can enhance the ability to communicate from the heart and connect to the hearts of others.

Selenite Rose encourages the grounding of higher energies into a practical reality, inspiring new ideas and solutions to the issues created by separation, hierarchy and conflict.  It has the effect of combining, connecting, and bringing together many perspectives, creating a synergy that births new insights, as well as enhancing the shared goals within a group context.  This mineral resonates with both the heart and crown chakras supporting the expression of Unconditional Love and the realization of Oneness through community.

AFFIRMATION:  “I celebrate diversity and uniqueness as an expression of the greater Oneness.”

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